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 Welcome to Mardi Gras Costume Shop

Welcome to our online costume shop!

Here on Mard Gras Costume Shop's online costume shop, you will find everything you need to complete your costume. We are a family owned and operated shop, and have thousands of products to choose from! Feel free to shop around, we hope you find everything you need, whether it be for a Mardi Gras festival, theater, or Halloween costume party. If you need assistance finding your costume or costume accessories, please feel free to contact us!

Some of our most popular costume products include:

  • Dreadlock Wigs

    Feel a little Jamaican? Wanna be a Rastafarian for a day? Then check out these quality dreadlock wigs!
  • Ben Nye Makeup

    You name it, Ben Nye makes it. Creme and matte foundations, blood effects, latex, Ben Nye hair color and anything else you can think of!
  • Feather Boas

    Looking for something to add a little bit extra to you costume, consider purchasing one of our feather boas!
  • Venetian Mask

    We specialize in authentic Venetian masks. Our variety is unparalleled. These handmade traditional Venetian masks are perfect for any occasion.

 Featured products
Chandelle Boas Solid Color thumbnail_290770.jpg thumbnail_290820.jpg
Chandelle Boas Solid Color
Leprechaun Hat
CODE: 75000
Shamrock Uncle Sam
CODE: 85934
Price: $14.98
 Product options:

Price: $24.98

Price: $24.98
Out of stock

thumbnail_16362-grn.jpg thumbnail_69717.jpg thumbnail_16758.jpg
Green Top Hat
Colombina Ibiz
CODE: 69717
Colombina Jolly Velluto
CODE: 16758
Price: $19.98
 Product options:

Price: $34.98
Out of stock

Price: $44.98
Out of stock

thumbnail_6122.jpg thumbnail_51919.jpg thumbnail_9861.jpg
Colombina Musica
CODE: 6122
Mardi Gras Socks
CODE: 51919
Giant Onion Beads
CODE: 9861
Price: $29.98

Price: $11.98

Price: $8.98

thumbnail_86975.jpg thumbnail_87960.jpg
Giant Pearl Beads
CODE: 86975
Large Finial Beads
CODE: 87960
Metallic Mardi Gras Throw Beads by the Dozen (12 strands)
Price: $9.98

Price: $6.98
Out of stock

Price: $2.98
 Product options:


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