Phantom of the Opera - Costume Rental

Our Phantom of the Opera costumes follow the traditional Broadway interpretation. Depending on the cast size, we can costume nearly everyone.

The leads for Phantom of the Opera can be custom built, or can come from our stock.

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About the Costume
We stock all of Christine's dresses. We have an extremely elegant, custom wedding dress (equipped for a quick change) and corset, as well as the lovely white evening ball gown.

About the Character
Christine is the unknown opera singer who is thrust into the spotlightin the beginning of the show when the opera's prima donna storms out. She is the object of desire for both the Phantom and Raoul.

The Phantom

About the Costume
The Phantom's costume is fairly simple. The key is the correct mask. Our mask selection is tremendous, and we have a perfect half-face Venetian mask for the Phantom. In addition, we have a wide selection of capes to fit into your vision.

About the Character
The Phantom is a mysterious musical genius who trains Christine how to sing. He is obsessed with Christine and is in romantic pursuit of her in competition with Raoul. In the closing scenes, he gives up his pursuit of Christine because he realizes she truly loves Raoul.


About the Costumes
We stock a large number of period gowns and tuxedoes for the ensemble cast. Most importantly, our selection of Venetian masks is second to none, so you can get the entire cast their masks from one place